About us

Do you wish to post your website on internet through the best host? Are you looking to enjoy 100% uptime for your blog/website? Are you looking for a hosting service that provides excellent support? Are you tired of being ill resourced in terms of disk space and bandwidth?

Look no further; your search ends here.

Extensive specs: In our subscription plans, you enjoy maximum disk space and bandwidth. You can upload tons of videos as well as entertain huge amount of traffic from sites like Reddit. The hosting accounts are capable of accommodating you even after your site has gone viral.

Amazing uptime: There is no annoyance that is more frustrating to site owners than downtime. When your servers are down, your business takes a hit. It impacts your SEO value. We guarantee 99.99%, if not 100% uptime for your servers.

Unlimited domains/sub-domains: As the website grows, any site owner would like to branch out through subdomains. It is the route to have an organized setup for growing establishments. We allow unlimited domains and sub domains to be hosted on your servers.

Lot of extras:

Our hosting offers you with plentiful of extras. Installing CMS, forums and ecommerce sites are instant and simple. With a few clicks, you can create website with eye-catching themes. You can get tons of useful stats in regards to traffic and search engine rankings.

Easy processes:

Ordering a hosting plan with us is as simple as 1-2-3. You get your hosting account credentials emailed to you. We instantly provide you with login details in content management systems.

Excellent support: Our live agents help you 24×7. Our technical team is always ready to resolve issues. You can make the best out of your hosting subscription with us. Our staff does not hesitate going the extra mile to help our clients.