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If you are looking for the top facts about South America, you should start looking for them right now. This South American continent is one that is considered to be very rich in diverse natural resources. These include but are not limited to minerals, hydrocarbons and oil. It is also said to have the largest number of fauna species than any other continent in the world. So if you are into all sorts of things that involve wildlife, you will be able to find your way to South America on this continent. Some of these South American facts about South America include the fact that it is one of the top destinations for nature lovers.


The South American continent can be defined as a central-southern part of the continents. It is also called a South American Subcontinent and it has a very small part in the North hemisphere. South America contains the Amazon River, the Caribbean Sea, the Andes Mountains, and the ParanĂ¡ River. The South American continent is considered to be the second-largest landmass on earth after Antarctica. South America is also known as the “land of giants” because it is also home to some of the tallest mountains and the tallest rainforests in all of the world. There are also many unique and diverse rainforests, and this includes the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest covers approximately 8.2 million square kilometers or more than a fifth of the whole planet.

Some of the most incredible facts about the South American continent include the fact that it is one of the largest landmasses on earth, which means that there are lots of different things that you can do on this continent. Many people say that South America is the best destination for hiking and camping as it is very rugged and provides plenty of variety and adventure. Another good fact about South America is that it is home to some of the most diverse and unique flora and fauna in the entire world. In fact, according to researchers, there are more than two hundred and twenty-five different types of plants in South America alone. The fact about South America is also one that shows why there are lots of people from the world who travel there every year because South America offers something for everyone.